730 E Flamingo Rd #7 LAS VEGAS NV, 89119
Phone: (702) 384-7722

Operating Hours

Monday-Sunday 11Aam–11pm

Our Values

A quest for a better Kabob led founder Jehanzeb / Ijlal to open his own Kabob Korner . Tired of the same old fast food options and disappointed with the "gourmet" burger restaurants, Jehanzeb decided to make his own gourmet burger / Kabob's . After experimenting with a blend of different ground beefs, Ijlal Hussain was finally satisfied with his unique blend of Halal Meats , Kabobs, and Shawarma to make the best food ever. But, not to leave out his vegetarian friends, Jehanzeb / Ijlal Hussain was sure to include plenty of vegetarian options on his menu. After teaming up with Ijlal Hussain in 2016 , the two perfected the menu and experienced great success with Kabob Korner.