3049 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas NV, 89109
Phone: (702) 432-4611

Operating Hours

Mon- Thur 9:00am–2:00am Fri-Sat. 9:00am–4:00am Sun 9:00am–3:00am

Our Values

(Delivery within 2 Miles $8 charge) Our kabobs are made with the finest ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Our mission is to offer you and your family the highest quality of food at an affordable price. Also try our Nihari, an ancient delicacy favored by the Moghul royalty. Nihari is a tasty stew dish, slow cooked to perfection. And our Shwarma’s are something to write home about. We prepare shwarma’s by shaving off a succulent block of meat rotating off a vertical spit. We also offer other South Asian vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, gyros, pizzas, delicious sides and beverages to compliment our entrees. We are conveniently located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Come today with your family and friends.



Daily Specials

Pepperoni Pizza($2.00 per extra toppings)
Fresh vegetables prepared with special spices. Mixed with rice.
Your choice, chicken prepared in our special sauce based in spinach.
Chicken with buffalo sauce($2.00 per extra toppings)
Boneless slices and minced beef with onion and herbs roasted on skewers.(NAN NOT INCLUDED)
Boneless chicken slices in spices, marinated and roasted on skewers.
Paya (Breakfast)
Smoked beef marinated in fresh spices, prepared in a clay oven.
Diced beef($2.00 per extra toppings)
Chicken and beef minced, mixed with onion and herbs, roasted on skewers
Mutton prepared with special spices. (NAN NOT INCLUDED)
Our signature style mutton prepared in home style karahi sauce.(NAN NOT INCLUDED)
Your choice of biryani style lamb.(NAN NOT INCLUDED)
Your choice of karahi style lamb.(NAN NOT INCLUDED)