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Operating Hours

Mon - Sat 11:00am – 02:30pm 05:00pm – 10:00pm Sun 11:00am – 02:30pm 05:00pm – 09:00pm

Our Values

ur Chef’s carry the potential to serve our guest by giving their best. Treat yourself with Indian and Nepalese food and our servers are always there to help you.



Daily Specials

Start with Vegetable Samosa & then enjoy three different vegetarian Dishes- Vegetable Korma, Palak Paneer, Dal Makhani with Naan, Rice and Raita. End up with dessert Rice Pudding.
Start with Vegetable Samosa and then enjoy two different vegetarian Dishes- “Palak paneer and Black Daal with Naan, Rice and pickle” End up with dessert rice Pudding, Meat of your choice. (chicken/lamb/goat)”
Boneless lamb marinated in mustard oil, sour cream & roasts in clay oven. (SERVED WITH TIKKA MASALA SAUCE)
Marinated boneless chicken breast roasts in the clay oven & sautéed in a creamy tomato sauce.
Fish simmers with coconut milk & spices.
Seasoned Lamb simmers with coconut milk.
Chicken thigh cooks with coconut milk.
Eggplant roasts in clay oven, mashes & sautéed in fresh chopped tomatoes, onions & ginger.
Spinach & homemade cheese prepared in light cream sauce & herbs.
Australian Lamb rib marinated in yogurt with Nepali spices, roasts in clay oven & serves with potatoes. (SERVED WITH TIKKA MASALA SAUCE)
Jumbo Shrimp marinated with garlic & served with radish sauce.
Fresh vegetable mixes with minced onions, cilantro, garlic & wrapped in dough.
Lamb Shank prepared in creamy onion sauce & nuts, then served with saffron rice & side garden vegetables.
Boneless lamb tikka pieces prepared with creamy sauce.
Chicken thigh prepared with potatoes in tangy onion masala.
Shrimp simmers in cream sauce with garlic, nuts & herbs.
Lamb sautés with saffron, herbs & spices end up with basmati rice.
Shrimp sautés with saffron, herbs & spices cook with basmati rice.
Chicken thigh simmers in creamy sauce & nuts with herbs.
Boneless lamb simmers in creamy sauce & finishes with nuts & herbs.
Chicken breast marinated with cream cheese & mixed with herbs & spice..
Nepali noodles stir fried with sliced cabbage, carrots & onion and end up with soya sauce, tomato ketchup. (Veg/Chicken)
Marinated shrimp roasts in clay oven prepares in a creamy fresh tomato sauce with spices.
Homemade cheese prepared with green peas and creamy sauce.
Homemade cheese simmered in creamy tomato sauce with onion & bell pepper.
Goat meat with bones sautés with saffron, herbs & spices finish up with Basmati rice.
Fresh ground chicken mixes with minced onions, cilantro, garlic & wrapped in dough.
Black lentils and kidney beans sautéed with ginger, garlic and freshly ground herbs.