4366 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles CA, 90029
Phone: 323-912-9230

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday (11:00AM to 1:00AM)

Our Values

Our restaurant is the best restaurant in the city. We serve with a great concern about our customer’s satisfaction and their health. We serve 100% Halal Meat. We are and will always be with our customers and provide good and fresh foods which are rich in required nutrients.


Daily Specials

(2Pcs.) Potatoes and Peas, Vegetable Patties Served with Mint Chutney.
Shrimp Cooked in Special Curry Gravy with Herbs & Spices and Herbs.
Peas Cooked with Homemade Cheese in Mildly Spices and Gravy.
Crispy Onion Balls Deep Fried.
Fish Marinated in Herbs and Spices Deep Fried.
Indian Style Chicken with Bell Pepper, Onions, Medium Spiced with Spices and Tomatoes Sauce.
Lamb Cooked with Special Spices, Served with Cream and Spinach Gravy.
1 Piece of Alu Samosa, 2 Pieces Chicken Pakora, 2 Pieces of Fish Pakora and 3 Pieces of Onion Bhaji.
Very Hot Shrimp Curry with Fresh Lemon, Tomatoes and Potatoes.
Tender Pieces of Marinated Chicken Spiced Mildly Cooked with Onions, Yogurt, Raisins and Cashew Nuts.