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Operating Hours

Mon - Closed Tue - Sun 11:00am – 3:00pm, 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Our Values

We offer traditional Indian favorites using our own unique approach to both preparation and ingredients. Our families in northern India have learned over many generations how to add unique and subtle flavors to enhance your dining experience. Come by and experience the Tadka difference.



Daily Specials

Boneless Pieces Of Lamb Cooked In Chopped Onion And Tomatoes With Cardamom Flavored Sauce.
Vegetable Chowmein
Soft, Silky boneles pieces of chicken breast marinated in sour cream and cooked to tender perfection.
Seasonal Shrimp cocked in an onion sauce , garlic, tomato sauce and Indian spices.
The meticulous arrangements of basmati rice, gundruk, dachi ,pickle, dal, puri, rice pudding and papadum.
Shrimp cooked in e chef special tomato creamy sauce.
Soft, Silky pieces of lamb marinated in sour cream and cooked flavorfully.
Chicken Chowmein
Combination Of Cooked Rice And Chicken With Dried Onion, Baby Leafs And Spices.
Chicken Piece Roasted In A Tandoor And Folded Into Creamy Tomatoes Sauce.
Chunks Of Chicken (White Meat) Roasted In A Tandoor And Folded Into Cream Sauce.
Chunks of chicken roasted in a tandoor and folded into creamy sauce with Indian style spices.
Spinach Cooked With Cottage Cheese Delicately Spiced.
Shrimp fried in basmati rice with indian color spices.
Shrimp cooked in a rich cashed nut based gravy with cream butter and dried fruits.
The duteous arrangement of vegetable curry, motor paneer, dal, puri,pickle,rice pudding,basmati rice,papadum and gulab jamun
Combination of chicken, lamb, dal, puri, Pickle, rice pudding, basmati rice and papadum.
Boneless Pieces Of Lamb Cooked In A Rich Cashed Nut Based Gravy With Cream, Butter And Dried Fruits.
Shrimp and potatoes cube cooked in Indian spices and hot curry sauce.
Made from refined flour dough with the garlic taste.
Chicken marinated in yogurt blend of colorful Indian herbs and spices and roasted in a tandoor.
Boneless Pieces Of Chicken Cooked In A Rich Almond Flavored Sauce.
Tender Boneless Chicken Cooked In Delicately Spiced Spinach Puree.
Boneless chicken and lamb marinated overnight with colourful indian herbs and spices grilled or roasted in a tandoor and cooked in next day.
Fresh bread stuffed with cheese.
Shrimp and spinach flavorfully cooked mild Indian spices and curry.
Delicious Chickpea Cooked In An Exotic Blend Of North Indian Sauce.
A Combination Of Lamb And Potatoes Marinated In Vinegar, Hot Pepper And Spices Cooked In Gravy.
A Combination Of Lamb And Mushroom Cooked In Chopped Onion, Garlic With Indian Spices.
A Delicious Combination Of Chicken And Potatoes Marinated In Vinegar, Hot Pepper And Spices Cooked In Fiery Hot Gravy.
Mixed Vegetables - Aloo, Kopi, Paneer, And Hard Cream.
Fish cooked with coconut and spicy sauce.
A combination of fish and potatoes cooked favourfully with and coconut and spicy sauce.
Cooked In Mild Spices With Garlic, Ginger, Onion, And Tomatoes.
Cooked With Peppers (Bell Pepper, Banana Peppers) Garlic, Onions And Tomatoes.
Mixed Vegetables Cheese Dumplings In A Creamy Sauce With Herbs And Spices.