1585 University Ave Berkeley CA, 94703
Phone: (510) 704-0174

Operating Hours

Mon – Sun 11:30am – 03:00pm 05:00pm – 09:30pm

Our Values

Our name itself introduces the food we bring to the table for our guests. Traditionally, guests are like Gods; therefore, we serve them the best we have. It is our pleasure to bring you the flavors of the Himalaya cuisine via popular dishes. Our goal is to provide you with the finest cuisine possible. We bring you fresh and local ingredients with innovative menu and excellent service.



Daily Specials

Light creamy coconut milk based curry, Served with white or brown rice.(Served with white or brown rice)
The most popular dish containing of tandoori grilled chicken breast cubes cooked in our special creamy sauce with herbs, and spices. (Served with white or brown rice. )
Sweet Plain Lassi
Nepali style stirred noodles tossed with seasonal fried vegetables.
Boneless lamb cubes simmered in light creamy coconut milk based sauce with herbs and spices to taste (Served with white or brown rice)
Donut like round puffs in sweet syrup.
Steamed dumplings filled with minced lamb, onion, garlic, ginger, and cilantro. Served with tomato chutney.
Mixed platter of overnight marinated chicken, lamb kabob, shrimp and chicken breast slow roasted,Served over vegetables on a Sizzling platter.(Served over vegetables on a Sizzling platter.)
Mixed Biryani served with raita.
Traditional bhutanese chicken dish cooked with ginger, garlic, clove, bell pepper based curry sauce layered over top of the brown rice.
Daal Soup
Tandoori grilled house made cheese cooked in special creamy based curry sauce with spices. (Served with white or brown rice.)
Paneer Paratha