1885 South Virginia Street Reno NV, 89502
Phone: 7753234100

Operating Hours

Mon - Sunday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM LUNCH BUFFET 11:00am to 3:00PM DELIVERY only 2.5 Mile Radius with $5 delivery extra on Delivery Please.

Our Values

Come hungry- leave happy! Indian Cousin is distinguished by its sophisticated use spices and herbs and influence of the long-standing and widespread practice of vegetarianism in Indian society. Food is an integral part of India’s culture,with cuisines differing according to community,region and state. Indian cuisine is characterized by a great variety of food, spices and cooking techniques. The founder of Flavors of India has always wished to serve society with food that touches the soul and bring to life Indian culture. To fulfilled his dream he opened up this place.Flavors of India offers a wide range of services such as dining, catering, deliver, buffet and banquets.


Daily Specials

Stirfried shrimp cooked in fresh thick curry paste.
Laccha parantha with carom seeds.
Mahimahi fish marinated with yogurt,gingergarlic paste and blend of spices.
Okra sauteed with onions,herbs and spices.
Chicken sauteed with vegetables and spices.
Fresh cottage cheese marinated with chickpea batter and deep fried
Spongy milky balls soaked in rose scented syrup
Rice cooked with milk cashew, cinamon, cardamom, and saffron
Exotic India reduced milk frozen dessert with dry fruites and saffron.
Mango Flavored yogurt smoothie
Orange Juice
Combination of one veg samosa, portion of veg and paneer pakora and aloo tikki.